Sunday, September 14, 2014



This project is making new and creative idea for augmented reality - AR. These idea is very rough and extremely approach for new something. So, the technology is can not follow these ideas and the it can not be realized in now days. But it's just  beginning.

The first idea is making sky for city life. In KOREA, especially Seoul has many tall building and the people can not see the sky always outside. So, I think about getting rid of the building's upper part for making clear sky view.

For the sky

The second idea is related to my precious something. Everyone has precious object and I imagined the situation that these objects can talk. I can make the name for my one, and converse with them.

My Precious one

The third is idea for vanishing person who I do not want to see in every second. I can control the person's sound volume like a mute.  

 Vanishing man