Saturday, November 1, 2014


Subject_01_Final mov

This is the final movie "LIGHT OF WEIGHT". The light size is pretty big than I think, so pressure feeling is very efficacious. And next time, I will try to make the complex designed form for the shape of this chair. And whole process is written in the e-book file link below movie.

"Light of Weight"

Book Link <

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Subject_01_Making prototype

Whole material is made by laser cutting method, and the material i MDF board. I think is the best way for making the fast prototyping and model. The main part is the dark room with lens and LED light source. Fortunately, the lens was exactly fit to cut parts. The whole parts are assembled by super glue because the char will sustain the weight of one person.

Laser cutting

Whole parts


Dark room parts

Installed Lens

Structure for sustaining weight


The bottom of model

Support parts for Servo 

The circuit is placed on the bottom of top floor. The photoresist sensor will be on the top of the floor through small hole, and the final test is pretty successful I think.

Installing Photosensor


Installed LED 

 Working parts

Idle status

Gain weight

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Subject_01_Working prototype Drawing

I sketched the whole working system in previous technical test process. So, I draw the real drawing for prototype working model with Auto CAD. Whole model parts will be made by laser cutting and assembled. I use the rack and gear system for making linear movement to control distance between lighting source and lens. And the structures to sustain the weight of sitting person and fix the servo are added finally. 

Rough Sketch


In faraway 

In close

Structures & Fixed servo

Whole Parts for laser cutting

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Subject_01_Technical test

This concept needs the one light source and actuator moving up and down for making model. So, I have to do technical test and choose the material for making one and changeable light under the chair. I focused on the magnifying lens for student what is very cheep version. It can be disassembled very easily and it is pretty big.

Magnifying lens

Disassemble for using lens

I do not want multiple light and image under the chair so, I have to use only one lighting source. In this reason, the lighting has to be very bright and strong. I found the 3V LED through search and test in offline shop.


For making interactive environment in chair, I use the vvvv and arduino for actuating the servo. And the photo resist is used in this circuit for sensing sitting person on the chair. The servo's moving has to be very slow because the light must express the pressure mood through scale on the floor. I added the mov test on the bottom of this article.

Sketch and Test



Sensor and Animating test

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Subject_01_Concept & Simulation test

I developed the second idea for making prototype model. For this, I chose the item for expressing the unseen things idea. It is light and weight, so I call the project name "Light of Weight". It is not "Weight of Light" and is reversed. It is easy concept. I will express the weight - unseen thing through light shape. And the light of shape is expressed through the amount of area size reacted pressing action.

Pressing and Size

So, I think about what I can use for expressing this concept. What is the natural way for changing weight. I reminded the chair for seat. The sitting action will make the change of weight in usual life and this can be connected with this concept way. These pictures are the simulation how it works.

Light shape in Normal status

Light shape when sit

Sunday, September 28, 2014



This is another idea. I think about the change of unseen and inaudible things into another entity. For example, the weight can be changed into light shape and the sound is changed into motion or transform action. I do not know this methodology is proper augmented reality, but I think it can give people another refresh. And it can be connected with my thesis subject that the change of normal object around us with shape shifting methodology.

Unseen things 

Sunday, September 14, 2014



This project is making new and creative idea for augmented reality - AR. These idea is very rough and extremely approach for new something. So, the technology is can not follow these ideas and the it can not be realized in now days. But it's just  beginning.

The first idea is making sky for city life. In KOREA, especially Seoul has many tall building and the people can not see the sky always outside. So, I think about getting rid of the building's upper part for making clear sky view.

For the sky

The second idea is related to my precious something. Everyone has precious object and I imagined the situation that these objects can talk. I can make the name for my one, and converse with them.

My Precious one

The third is idea for vanishing person who I do not want to see in every second. I can control the person's sound volume like a mute.  

 Vanishing man