Sunday, October 12, 2014


Subject_01_Technical test

This concept needs the one light source and actuator moving up and down for making model. So, I have to do technical test and choose the material for making one and changeable light under the chair. I focused on the magnifying lens for student what is very cheep version. It can be disassembled very easily and it is pretty big.

Magnifying lens

Disassemble for using lens

I do not want multiple light and image under the chair so, I have to use only one lighting source. In this reason, the lighting has to be very bright and strong. I found the 3V LED through search and test in offline shop.


For making interactive environment in chair, I use the vvvv and arduino for actuating the servo. And the photo resist is used in this circuit for sensing sitting person on the chair. The servo's moving has to be very slow because the light must express the pressure mood through scale on the floor. I added the mov test on the bottom of this article.

Sketch and Test



Sensor and Animating test